Jan 11 - Advanced DIT course: On Set Look and Colour Management

Title: Advanced DIT course: On Set Look and Colour Management
Venue: Screen Academy Scotland, 2a Merchiston Ave, Edinburgh, EH10 4NU
Dates:  Friday 11 January, 2013
Fee: £250 (£200 concession) (we do not charge VAT)


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Course Overview
Advanced DIT Course: On Set Look and Colour Management

The course will cover more advanced DIT skills than those covered in The Role of the DIT introductory course.

This is an advanced DIT course for data wranglers, camera assistants DITs and DoPs and is for those who want to get the most of the DIT on set. It covers methods for the DoP to have more creative control over the look of their film.

The course will have hands on experience of live realtime grading systems such as Gamma Density 3CP, Pomfort Livegrade and Iridas Speedgrade Onset as well as tools for refining looks further with Scratchlab and Davinci Resolve 9.

Cameras covered will include Arri's Alexa and Red One/Epic.

Workflows will include a detailed look at Raw and Log.

The course aims to demonstrate how DITs and DoPs can have a colour managed pipeline form what they see on set to what the editor sees in the cutting room.
Grant McPhee has worked as a Camera Assistant in Scotland for over 10 years and is firmly rooted in film where he was a camera assistant working on mainly 35mm productions. However, in early 2008, he was focus puller on the first RED shoot in Scotland (short film Night School, shot by Robbie Ryan) and from that moment on he has embraced new digital camera format and has worked mainly with these new digital cameras as an assistant while self teaching himself to become a DIT, which he works as today. He's worked on over 20 feature films including World War Z, Cloud Atlas and Under The Skin most recently and TV dramas such as Doors Open and Case Histories.

Who’s it for?
For data wranglers, DITs, camera assistants and DOPs

Prerequisites/course schedule 
This course is for those who have taken our introductory course ‘The Role of the DIT’ or for those who already have some experience working on set with, or as, a DIT.

How to book
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