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Brian McGill

Lecturer, PG Cert (online) Screenwriting
Edinburgh Napier University

As a teacher, Brian has worked over the last ten years, in several European countries. He has been a scriptwriter for thirty years with film and TV scripts produced in Britain and France- Brian is still actively writing (a TV series in development in Sweden).

One small piece of feedback from one of last year’s PG Cert Screenwriting students:
'Brian McGill has pushed and challenged me the most. Despite some locked horns along the way, his style of course delivery is lively, authentic and extremely generous. He has the skill-set to tug and tease out a student’s creative thinking by asking pertinent questions, making the student revisit their work as its critic, or one of the characters. He has made me think deeply about aspects of my writing, dared me to take risks. I have learned more about my writing self through the tutorials than I would have thought possible.'