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Screen Academy Scotland Sting and Trailer (62 sec)

We are delighted to announce that the new Screen Academy Scotland TRAILER has gone live! Edited by Stella Heath Keir and with an orginal score by Yati Durant, the trailer is a visual feast of the best work created over the past 11 years by Screen Academy Scotland's students from both partner institutions, Edinburgh Napier University and Edinburgh College of Art.

We are also proud to unveil our new sting, an animation based on our logo, which was created by animator (and Screen Academy ECA graduate) Will Anderson.

We have also produced an extended version of the trailer which can be viewed here: EXTENDED VERSION

Screen Academy Scotland Sting and Trailer credits:

Many thanks to the Edinburgh creatives Stella Heath Keir, Yati Durant, Will Anderson and the talented team at Screen Academy Scotland

Editor - Stella Heath Keir
Composer - Yati Durant
Animator - Will Anderson
Colour grader - Tina Gonzalez
Sound mixer - Petros Tsaftaridis
Production Manager - Shian Holt
Executive Producers - Emma Davie, Noe Mendelle, Alistair Scott