Feb 2013 - SAS welcomes new Screen NETS Advance Trainees


We are happy to announce that we have recruited five new Screen NETS Advance Trainees: 

Mal Young - Animation Production Trainee
Mal is making the move into Animation Production having recently worked as a freelance animator and previously in software engineering.  Mal’s recent animation work includes projects like Best Film Ever with Once Were Farmers, and Ed and Oucho’s Excellent Inventions for rm*.  Through Screen NETS Mal will build up production experience in animation studios to help him start a new career in Animation Production. 

Alison Piper - Assistant Directing (AD) Trainee
Alison comes to Screen NETS with some experience as a runner and floor runner, most recently as a runner/driver on feature film Sunshine on Leith and previously as a floor runner on feature films Seaside Stories and Oranges and Sunshine. Through Screen NETS Alison will increase her knowledge of the AD department by shadowing a 2nd AD at Unit Base and gain more experience and contacts. 

Alasdair Bayne - Editing Trainee
Alasdair is currently content editor at Rapid Visual Media, cutting corporate videos, and was Assistant Editor on feature film Seaside Stories. He also edited and directed the Bridging the Gap short film In Search of the Wallaby and also has a project in development with Digicult’s Scottish Shorts. Through Screen NETS Alasdair will gain more drama cutting room experience and learn more about the role of the Assistant Editor as well as building up his industry contacts.

Anne Forster - Production Accounts Trainee
Anne has worked as bookkeeper/financial administrator to Sigma Films and Film City Glasgow.  She recently managed to secure daily work as an Accounts Assistant on Sunshine on Leith, Waterloo Road Series 8, Case Histories 2, Love Bite and Shell.  Through Screen NETS Anne will work for longer on film and TV drama projects, seeing them through from beginning to end, to increase her employability in the Accounts Dept.

Garie Kan - Script Supervision Trainee
Garie is making the move to Script Supervision having worked as a boom operator for over thirty years. Garie has shadowed a Script Supervisor for a limited amount of time on Hollyoaks and on the independent feature film Clean Skin. Through Screen NETS Garie will get more experience shadowing a Script Supervisor, from prep to edit, and increase his knowledge and skills to start him on a new career as a Script Supervisor.

Screen NETS is an advanced skills enhancement programme providing 20 weeks of funded on-the-job experience on film, TV drama, and animation productions in Scotland in 2013.  Trainees will also receive bespoke training in the form of mentoring or short courses/workshops. 

To find out more about Screen NETS training please visit www.screenacademyscotland.ac.uk/screennets