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Mentoring Programme, Screen Academy Scotland

An industry mentoring programme was introduced for Screen Academy students in 2008 to help support them as new entrants to the film industry and to bridge the gap between higher education and the workplace.

Mentors help students make crucial career choices and give the students advice on how to progress after the Screen Academy. They also help students develop the kind of soft skills that are essential for the highly competitive workplace they are about to enter.

Mentors and students meet for 2 or 3 meetings over the course of 4-6 months, towards the end of the academic year.

If you are interested in becoming a Screen Academy Scotland mentor or would like to learn more about the mentoring programme please contact us on or 0131 455 2572

Past and/or Current Industry mentors include:

Drama-Producers/Line Producers/Production Management:

Steve Clark Hall
Margaret Matheson
Catherine Aitken
Wendy Griffin
Susie Brown
Clare Kerr
Carolynne Sinclair Kidd
Claire Mundell
Paul Welsh
David Smith
Arabella Croft


Justin Molotnikov
Adrian McDowall
Morag McKinnon
Eleanor Yule
Peter Mackie Burns
Hope Dickson Leach
Annie Griffin
Zam Salim
Peter Mackie Burns

Screenwriters & Script Editors -Film & TV:

Andrea Gibb
Annie Griffin
Colin McDonald
Colin McLaren
Cameron Fraser
Aileen Ritchie
Charlie Fletcher
Adrian Mead
Graham Fitzpatrick
Ann Marie Di Mambo
Julie Fraser (freelance script editor)