Eric Robinson, MA/MFA Film Directing Edinburgh College of Art
On returning from a spell in the USA as an exchange student Sam, the surviving son of Joe and Linda, decides he now needs to try and mend the dysfunctional relationship he has with his father Joe, who he believes still holds him responsible for the death of his favourite son, Charlie. Confronting Joe head on he is rejected, Joe being unable to cope with this direct and brusque approach. After watching an old recently discovered home video shot on the day of his brother’s death, Sam is given a new understanding on the history and complexity of his relationship with Joe. Sam tries to meet Joe on his terms, offering to go to a football match with him, only again to be defeated by circumstances and his fathers hostile reaction born of hurt. After falling foul from the punches and kicks of rival fans, Sam, now bruised and bloody goes to Joe once more, this time for comfort and sees his father in turmoil from events Sam has little understanding or knowledge of. The two meet now both bruised and bloody, more on equal terms, the healing can now begin.