Screen NETS, New Entrants Training Scotland


Building on a legacy of 30 years, the New Entrants Training Programme (NETS), Screen NETS, has been run by Screen Academy Scotland, a Creative Skillset Film Academy, since 2011. Screen NETS consists of two distinct programmes: Screen NETS Advance and Screen NETS Runner. Screen NETS Advance is a skill enhancement programme, providing up to 20 weeks of paid work experience for recently entered practitioners to the film and TV industry. Screen NETS Runner provides 1 week of paid work experience as a runner on a film or TV drama production in Scotland.

Screen NETS UPDATE: After successfully running Screen NETS Advance and Screen NETS Runner we are currently in a period of evaluation and planning. Funding for future Screen NETS programmes is as yet unconfirmed however if you would like to register your interest should we run Screen NETS in 2014, please email info [at] screenacademyscotland [dot] ac [dot] uk putting either Screen NETS or Screen NETS Runner in the subject line.

Screen NETS Advance from Screen Academy Scotland on Vimeo.

Screen NETS Advance is a skills enhancement programme for recently entered practitioners to the film and television industry providing up to 20 weeks of funded on-the-job training, relevant to that department (Animation Production, Assistant Directing (AD), Editing, Production Accounts or Script Supervision.). Trainees also receive short course or tailored training and/or mentoring from an industry practitioner. Training consists of a mix of work placements, tailored training, mentoring and short courses. 

Screen NETS Runner from Screen Academy Scotland on Vimeo.

To be eligible for the Screen NETS Runner course your must have first successfully completed a Hit the Ground Running (HTGR) course. See below for more info on Hit the Ground Running.

Screen NETS Runner participants receive a one week paid work placement working as a runner on a Film or TV production in Scotland. Runners receive practical experience, meet contacts and gain an actual “foot in the door”.

Hit The Ground Running from Screen Academy Scotland on Vimeo.

Hit the Ground Running is an established, industry recognised 1 day training course for on how to proceed in their careers as new crew professionals and to get their first job as a runner. In partnership with the local film offices Hit the Ground Running courses took place this year in Edinburgh, Stornoway, Dumfries and Inverness. Completion of the HTGR course does not guarantee a space on the Screen NETS Runner programme -ten participants from the HTGR course will be selected for the Runner programme. For more info regarding HTGR please contact Linda Fraser at: linda [at] hit-the-ground-running [dot] co [dot] uk