A mix of undergraduate, postgraduate and recent alumni Screen Academy students from ENU and ECA, together with lecturers Nigel R. Smith and Catriona MacInnes, recently returned from a week in Finland where they participated in the Illumenation 2015 Educational Film Festival with students from host institution ELO Film School at Aalto University in Helsinki, the Baltic Film and Media School in Tallinn and Munich’s Hochschule für Fernsehen und Film.

Over the week, students collaborated in a variety of workshops and seminars, including exploring the narrative possibilities of the Oculus Rift VR device using a 360° Go-Pro rig; working with unconventional aspect ratios; improvisational techniques in sound design; screenwriters’ writing to direct directors; casting and working with actors; and a seminar on the films of Belgium’s Dardennes Brothers.

During this event we not only had the opportunity to attend enlightening and inspiring talks and workshops, but were also involved in a multiculturally creative environment where ideas and practical experience founded the basis to start building a potential international collaborative relationship between new talented filmmakers.”

Gabriel Costa



It was incredible getting to meet film students from around the world and experience their different ways of storytelling

Andrew Rooke


( L-R: Laura Gouveia Carreira, Aude Konan, Catriona MacInnes, Paul Crone, Kateland Lee, Nigel R. Smith, Gabriel Costa, Andrew Rooke)