Iguacel Cuiral


Igua Cuiral worked on several shorts upon completion of her degree. She then secured a place on the Screen NETS Extra course aimed at providing further short industry trainee experiences for people not on the full Screen NETS programme. As a trainee, Igua was also part of ScreenSkill’s Trainee Finder. 

She worked on Sigma Films, Boyz in the Wood and has since gone on to work on Grandpa’s Great Escape, on Outlander and on the reshoots of Ordeal by Innocence. She continues to work with crew she met on BITW and GGE while also making new contacts.  In the last six months, she has worked on the new Michael Caton-Jones feature, on the TV movie version of David Walliam’s The Midnight Gang and on the TV teenage drama The A List. She is now establishing herself in the industry and keeps shooting student and small projects in her free time.