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Screening on Sunday 24th of June the strand, Shorts: Where’s Your Skirt?, is a carefully curated selection of recently completed films from students from the UK’s film academies, presented by MSc Film, Exhibition & Curation at the University of Edinburgh. Shorts: Where’s Your Skirt? looks at short films exploring ideas of adulthood through aspirations of youth across cultures using narrative and documentary films. We are delighted that of the 7 films screening 5 are from graduates of Screen Academy Scotland. Congratulations to all the filmmakers!

Winter with Umma (Gyeoulgwa Umma) by Suhyun Song (MA Film Directing, ECA/Screen Academy Scotland) South Korea, UK/2017/9 mins
Salt & Sauce by Alia Ghafar (MA Film Directing, ECA/Screen Academy Scotland)UK/2017/11 mins
some of these days by Vincent Förster (MA Film Directing, ECA/Screen Academy Scotland) Germany, UK/2018/16 mins
Homage to Kobane by Soran Qurbani (MA Film Directing, ECA/Screen Academy Scotland) UK/2017/13 mins
Good Girls by Niamh McKeown (BA Film, Edinburgh Napier University/Screen Academy Scotland)UK/2017/10 mins

Shorts: Where’s Your Skirt? 24th Jun @ 15:50 at Cineworld