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The Ghost of Me and You is a joint venture between Ben Thompson (Screen Academy Scotland Film Technician and writer/director) and Alkistis Terzi (Cinematographer, former Screen Academy cinematography tutor and MFA Advanced Film Practice graduate).  The filming took place at the beginning of September with a crew of 20 people decamping to a beautiful house in Fintry. 

The film also featured the numerous talents of recent Screen Academy Scotland MA and BA graduates in various roles on the film.  The film stars Kirsty Strain (Burnistoun, And Violet) as Tara who ventures through a portal to an alternate reality; there she finds another version of herself who has experienced much misfortune. 

As the film features many scenes of Kirsty acting opposite herself the crew had to have a crash course in using a motion control rig in able to combine moving shots of the same actress in two separate roles. The shoot provided numerous challenges but due to the dedication and skill of the crew everything went smoothly and without a hitch.

With many effects involved it is expected to have a prolonged post-production with completion expected in Summer 2019 and an approximate runtime of 25 minutes.