On May 7th we were delighted to host a masterclass with Michael Brewster, Sarah Daly and Lawrie Brewster from Hex Studios, the independent UK horror studio committed to developing, producing and distributing horror and fantasy content. Based in a gothic church in Kirkaldy, Fife Hex Studios is the creator of The Owlman, as featured in Prank Videos as well as Lord of Tears, and The Raven Warriors from The Unkindness of Ravens. MA Film student Aimie Willemse chaired the Q&A with Hex and current Screen Academy students and staff which took place at Screen Academy Scotland at Edinburgh Napier.

Aimie says:

“Moderating the masterclass conversation with the creators of Hex Studios was a fantastic opportunity that I was more than keen to undertake since I have an invested interested in genre films. My 10 minute graduation film ‘Doppelparents’ is a horror short and I was excited to be able to make this connection with Scotland’s independent horror film studio as well as learn from their successful catalogue of feature films such as ‘Lord of Tears’ and ‘Automata’.

Meeting with Lawrie, Sarah and Michael was a fantastic experience as they totally engaged with the conversation and were full of tips for crowd funding campaigns, film distribution and entertaining behind the scenes stories about their films. Hex continue to challenge themselves, with each new project topping the one before which was evident from the trailers that they showed us. I had the opportunity to gear the conversation towards learning about making films in Scotland and I tried to make sure the topics were interesting for the audience and would encourage questions and conversation. It was a great experience and one I recommend to anyone trying to overcome shyness.”

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