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On Thursday March 21st we were delighted to host Life After Screen Academy a panel of 7 Screen Academy graduates who were here to share with current students their experiences post graduation, of pursuing a career in the film and TV industry. We were joined by Sean Hind (MA Film, Production 2016), Igua Cuiral (MA Film, Camera, 2016), Darrel Lambert (MA Film, Production 2017), Caitlin Delves (MA Film, Post-Production 2018), Chris Weir (MA Screenwriting, 2017), Heather Ross (MA Screenwriting 2017) and Glenn Whelan (MA Film, Directing, 2017)

The graduates were in conversation with Screen Academy Professional Practice Manager Kay Sheridan who asked them about their current working lives as well as their advice for developing a career in film and TV post graduation. The event was followed by the opportunity for current students to network with the graduates and take the conversation further.

Some advice from the day:

“Take full advantage of the opportunities on offer while you are a student. Don’t wait til you graduate to start thinking about how you will get your first job.”

“As a screenwriter it is important to pay attention to the production process. Take the opportunity while you are a student.”

“Build up the list of people that you know, who they are, what they do. Send out an updated CV to get a line on upcoming work.”

“It will take time to get that first job. Have a strategy for saving money and try to get a flexible day job.”

“It’s always going to be a hustle. Keep believing in yourself when people say no.”

“Behaviour and attitude are the most important thing. Be proactive and positive and don’t be lazy.”

“Keep the learning mindset, even after graduation.”

The Screen Academy Scotland graduate panel was:

Since graduating Sean Hind (MA Film, Production 2016) has been working as a Floor Runner and is starting work on season 5 of Outlander in April 2019. He has also worked on commercials, TV dramas and feature films including Tim Burton’s new film Dumbo. On the side he is developing a feature film project with another producer, having optioned a book. The next step is to find a writer, director and to apply for development funding.

Igua Cuiral (MA Film, Camera, 2016) has been mostly working as a camera trainee and also shooting some small projects as DoP. As a trainee, Igua was part of Screen NETS Extra programme and ScreenSkill’s Trainee Finder. In the last six months, she has worked on the new Michael Caton-Jones feature, on the TV movie version of David Walliam’s The Midnight Gang and on the TV teenage drama The A List.

After graduating Darrel Lambert (MA Film, Production 2017) was offered a job at Icon Films in Bristol as the Production Department Assistant. In January 2019 Darrel was promoted and now holds the position of Junior Production Coordinator at Icon Films. In this role Darrel worked on Jeremy Wade’s Dark Waters for Animal Planet and then moved on to work on a series for National Geographic.

Caitlin Delves, (MA Film, Post-Production 2018) has been working as a runner/junior editor at Arteus Post Production in Glasgow since September. Daily tasks include meeting clients, answering the phones and emails and working in the machine room. She is currently editing on some side projects as well.

Over the past year, Chris Weir, (MA Screenwriting, 2017) has been developing a sitcom pilot (co-written with fellow graduate Heather Ross) under the guidance of a producer at Hat Trick. He’s also begun writing and performing stand-up comedy around Scotland.

Heather Jordon Ross (MA Screenwriting 2017) is a writer and comedian. Since returning to Edinburgh this past autumn, she’s been developing pilots for television and radio with fellow MA Screenwriting graduate Chris Weir, performing stand-up comedy across Scotland, and looking at opportunities in production work, including taking part in Hit the Ground Running training.

Glenn Whelan, (MA Film, Directing, 2017) is a Floor Runner trainee having just completed induction for the 2019/2020 round of Screen Skills Trainee Finder scheme. With their support he is hopeful of getting his first professional credits in High-end TV in the UK.”