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On Friday November 2nd we were delighted to screen the latest graduation films from the MA Film, Screen Academy Scotland, Edinburgh Napier, in a private screening in Cinema 1 at Edinburgh Filmhouse.

Eight short films covering genres from drama, to comedy to horror were screened. Below are descriptions of the films plus links to their trailers. We hope you will be seeing one or more of these films in a cinema sometime soon!

Take Me (UK, 2018, 8min 31sec)
Director Chris Sexton Fletcher  Writer Anne Mulkeen Murray Producers Sunrise Ishimwe, Chris Sexton Fletcher  Cinematographer Marco Valerio Carrara Editor Alex Dunford Sound Kacper Karpowicz

When Paris-obsessed Jenny hosts a French-themed work party for a colleague, it is held up by two robbers. One is French, so Jenny decides to be taken hostage.

Stay Awake (UK, 2018, 9min 40sec)
Director Juan Felipe Melendez Herrera Writers Juan Felipe Melendez Herrera, Caitlin Delves Producer Reece Cargan Cinematographer Binendra Menon Editor Caitlin Delves Sound Kacper Karpowicz

Power, control and GASLIGHTING… What if the demon Alice keeps seeing in her dreams is real?

Red Epiphany (UK, 2018, 8min 59sec)
Director André Valente Franco Writer Carine Belmont Producers Ana Santos, Matthew Akinpelu Cinematographer Reya Kundu Editor Caitlin Delves Sound Kacper Karpowicz

Adam struggles with social anxiety. When he accepts a date with his co-worker, he role-plays with his therapist to prepare. Adam’s imagination makes this a daunting situation.

Love Will Always Win (UK, 2018, 9min 54sec)
Director Ryan Sykes Writer Gavin Baker Producer Mathilde de Bras de Fer Cinematographer Maëva Boche Editor Alex Dunford Sound Lukas Kuba
During the Second World War, a newly married couple is separated. Through their love of poems, they find a way to stay connected with each other.

Barefoot (UK, 2018, 11min 16sec)
Director Ana Cristina Santos Writer Silja Kleding Producers André Valente Franco, Matthew Akinpelu Cinematographer Binendra Menon Editor Sean Geddes

When Emilia receives a visit from her nephew after a year of silence, her desire to be alone is put to the test.

Where it Dwells (UK, 2018, 9min 59sec)
Director & Writer Kayleigh Boyd Producers Sunrise Ishimwe, Kayleigh Boyd Cinematographer Stuart Gilmartin Editor Theodoraki Kapouranis

Stalked by a malevolent threat in her home, a woman must confront her traumatic reality.

My Sister’s Rose (UK, 2018, 12min 10sec)
Director & Story Frøydis Fossli Moe Writer Charlotte Henderickx Producer Mathilde de Bras de Fer Cinematographer Stuart Gilmartin Editor Theo Kapouranis Sound Lukas Kuba

Set in Norway in mid-July 2011, Ebba, the main character, struggles with her political speech. Surrounded by her friends and sister, Ebba learns the value of relationships and how to live in the moment.

Candeline (UK/Italy, 2018 12min 06sec)
Director Asiyat Gamzatova Writers Alessandro Logli, Asiyat Gamzatova Producers Reece Cargan, Asiyat Gamzatova Cinematographer Marco Valerio Carrara Editor Sean Geddes Sound Kacper Karpowicz

The lives of three men, Daniele, Antonio and Giovanni are interwoven and intersect with emotional results on the birthday of little Elisa.