Brilliant news that two MA Screenwriting graduates (Lucas Abrahão and Juliana Milheiro) were selected to pitch at The Porto Alegre Screenwriting Festival – FRAPA – which is the first Latin American screenwriting festival focused on film and television. They each  were chosen as part of 10 finalists from each category and pitched their projects on the 19th of July.
Juliana, who is based in the UK pitched by video link, while Lucas pitched in person in Brazil and won the 3rd place award in the TV pilot competition.Though Juliana was not awarded a prize she was able to generate industry interest in her project at the Festival.

Lucas said “FRAPA is the first festival of its kind in Latin America. What makes it unique is the way that it brings together various forms of thinking about the craft, both commercially and artistically. There were talks with people like Bráulio Mantovani (City of God, Elite Troop), probably the most successful screenwriter in Brazil, and also filmmakers like André Novais (She Comes Back On Thursday), who work with low budgets and with very different aesthetics. The competing screenplays also varied wildly in tone, aesthetics, and ambitions.

The debates were very rich and dealt with themes such as inclusivity (a huge issue in the Brazilian industry), the issues faced by Brazilian screenwriters & the specifics of the craft (writing dialogue, creating characters etc.)

Being part of the festival and getting the third place in the TV pilot contest was very valuable to me, since this attracted the attention of people in the industry and made the project be seen by many. I have kept in touch with various people I met during the week, and I’m sure this will bring good news in the future.