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Great news that MA Screenwriting alumna Lisa Clarkson has won a place on PACT’s new Indie Diversity Scheme in Scotland. Developed with six Scottish Indies – TV Productions, Tern TV, IWC, Lion, Raise the Roof and Mentorn Media – the 6 month scheme was developed to help the indies collectively improve and develope new diverse talent. The participants on the scheme will be brought in to work at the indies and will be provided with mentoring, training and networking so they can continue their careers in production at the end of the 6 month period

Lisa who started her job at Mentorn this month has already worked on Robot Wars.

Lisa says “I started my job [at Mentorn] last week and it’s been amazing so far – Robot Wars was the deep end indeed but I think I coped well! Staying over, 10 hour days, it was all super fun. And everybody is so nice, friendly, warm. I’ll be in the office next week, looking forward to what’s next!”