What could Scotland be like by the year 2030?  What should it be like? One new short film hopes to provide an answer. A new 15-minute documentary called Our Future Scotland was commissioned by the Scotland’s Futures Forum – based at the Scottish Parliament to consider these questions. The film showcases a range of visions of the future with contributions from more than 20 people across the country including Scotland’s First Minister, the writers Chris Brookmyre and David Baillie, the actor Brian Cox and the Scots Makar Jackie Kay. Produced by James Blake, the director of the Centre for Media and Culture at Edinburgh Napier University Our Future Scotland is part of his ongoing research work into interactive and participatory media forms.

ON Wednesday May 16th Our Future Scotland screened at the Scottish Parliament to a full house including 8 MSPS. A panel discussion followed after. The next stage of the project will be to create a social media campaign around the website where people can send in their ideas and aspirations for the future of Scotland.

Please visit the dedicated website here: