The quality and range of work we’ve seen emerging from the Screen Academy over the last decade has been nothing short of astounding – original, inventive and truly international in scope and ambition. We’re delighted to showcase this selection of just a fraction of the great films produced by the school – we wish we had space to show more!  – Matt Lloyd, Director, Glasgow Short Film Festival

We were delighted at the turnout to the latest screening commemorating the 10th Anniversary of Screen Academy Scotland Shorts which took place on the 19th of November at Glasgow Film Theatre, Matt Lloyd Director of Glasgow Short Film Festival selected some of the highlights from Screen Academy Scotland student productions – films ranging from drama to documentary to experimental work. A short Q&A with filmmakers  Alice Nelson, Anne Milne, Lyn Anderson, Gabriel Costa and Stuart Edwards took place after the screening.  

Following the screening we decamped to the lovely Blythswood Square Hotel for drinks in the Johnny Walker Lounge. A fantastic time was had. Thanks to Matt Lloyd, GFT  all of our friends and filmmakers who made it out on a very rainy night!

Below is a running order of the films that were screened:

River Child
Damian Wood | 2006 | 16 min
A dramatic event by a river makes two girls choose different paths into adulthood.

Maria’s Way
Anne Milne | 2009 | 15 min
A woman sits by the side of the road behind a rickety stall, her expression a blend of forbearance and exasperation. She is continuing a tradition which began with her mother 30 years ago.

Historia d’un Objecte
Carlota Puig | 2014 | 10 min
The story of an object, and the conflict between two friends after the object’s disappearance and their attempts to find it.

A Map With Gaps
Alice Nelson | 2006 | 26 min
An account of a journey made by the director’s father through Soviet Russia in the early seventies, in a van he called Supervan.

A Wee Night In
Stuart Edwards | 2014 | 12 min
Life moves slowly for the small and frail 95 year-old Chrissy. She awaits the arrival of Bill, her 91 year-old boyfriend.

Patata Tortilla
Ben Sharrock | 2014 | 17 min
Unable to fly the nest due to the economic crisis that grips Spain, a penniless couple attempt to find somewhere to finally consummate their relationship.