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Following Screen NETS One and Screen NETS Runner, the Screen NETS Industry Training programme has taken on two ‘Screen NETS Extra’ Trainees in collaboration with Wellington Films onto the feature film Calibre.

AD Trainee Olivia Middleton graduated from Edinburgh Napier University’s BA Film course earlier this year.  Since graduating, Olivia has worked as an AD Runner/Trainee on Teacup Travels, Clique and Trainspotting 2. Olivia was selected based on her enthusiasm, drive and great feedback from industry so far. Grip Trainee Danny Filmer has gained experience as a Grip Trainee/Assistant previously on Hush, Outlander and Loch Ness and has been selected to enable him to continue building his grip experience to meet a vital skills gap we have in Scotland of new grips coming through.

In addition, Screen NETS Runner, and Screen Academy Scotland graduate Andrew Rooke has also come on board Calibre for a week’s work as a Grip Trainee following his successful training on the Screen NETS Runner programme specialising in camera. Andrew is keen to continue his camera and grip trainee experience in the future. Both of these roles have been identified as areas where skills shortages are evident at entry level. 

Screen NETS is committed to help meet these training gaps and has funded the two additional trainees in collaboration with Wellington Films through an under-spend in the Screen NETS One budget, funded by Creative Scotland through the Screen Skills Fund.