Alistair Scott

Was appointed as Director Screen Academy Scotland in August 2015, taking over from Professor Robin MacPherson, he has been on the Screen Academy Management Board since 2009.

Alistair has been teaching in higher education for the past ten years following a career working in film and television. After graduating from the University of St Andrews, with an MA (Hons) in Modern History, he worked in the field of community arts as a documentary film-maker. This led to a place on the full-time post-graduate course at the National Film & Television School, Beaconsfield. He spent over 20 years working as a director and producer for the BBC, Channel 4 and Scottish Television. He joined Edinburgh Napier University as a Visiting Lecturer in 2005, acting as an Industry Consultant for the original bid to become a Screen Academy. From 2006-9 he was Lecturer in Screen Media at the University of the West of Scotland.

Alistair’s research interests focus on film and television production in Scotland. His PhD, Raploch Stories, continuity and innovation for television documentary production,
critically reflects on seven documentaries he directed for BBC Scotland.

Scott, Alistair, Representing Scottish communities on screen, chapter in Malik, S., Chapain,C., & Comunian, R. (Eds) (Forthcoming 2016) Community Filmmaking: Diversity, Innovation, Policy and Practice, London, Routledge
Scott, Alistair and Manderson, David (2011) Local Hero, written and directed by Bill Forsyth Glasgow, Association of Scottish Literary Studies
Scott, Alistair (2009) What’s the Point of Film School, or, What did Beaconsfield Studios do for the Scottish Film industry Chapter in Murray et al. (2009) Scottish Cinema Now, Newcastle upon Tyne Cambridge Scholars Publishing

Practice – selected credits:
Getting in on the Action (30 mins NFTS 1982 Award for Best Documentary Celtic Film & TV Festival), Two Painters Amazed (45 mins Arena BBC 2 1986), Leithers (52 mins Channel 4 People to People series 1987), NB (Scottish TV 1989-92), Supperman (52 mins STV 1991), Lockerbie Requiem (60 mins ITV 1991), Children under Fire (30 mins Channel 4 1993),The Ring of Truth (30 mins 16mm drama Channel 4 1996) Edinburgh International Film Festival, Execution at Camp 21 (52 mins Channel 4 Secret History series and The History Channel 1999), Dispatches – CCTV (52 mins Channel 4 2000), Postcards from Sighthill (25 mins Scottish TV This Scotland 2001), Raploch Stories (6 x 30 mins BBC1 Scotland 2002), Disaster at the Pit (30 mins BBC 1 Scotland 2002), The Road to Melbourne (25 mins BBC 2005), Raploch Revisited (60 mins BBC 2007).

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