Prof G D Jayalakshmi (commonly called Jaya) is an award-winning, experienced film-maker, educator and media consultant.

Jaya’s industry experience spans eleven years at the BBC, where she was a producer, making mainly documentary films. Then she set up her own production company in order to pursue her interest in fiction filmmaking. Jaya has won several awards including the Platinum Award at Worldfest Houston and Bluefire! British at Kino International Short Film Festival. She was also the runner up, BAFTA/TAPS British Writer of the Year. Her films have screened at major international festivals – Cannes, Berlin, San Francisco, Houston and they have toured with the British Film Institute Spice Tour programme. Recently, Jaya has completed two documentaries in China for the Aga Khan Awards in Architecture. Jaya is also in active development on two fiction films, one of which spans UK, India and China.

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