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Women in Vaiven

Women in Vaiven In Puerto Rico, Zoe Taína is about to marry her girlfriend. As she struggles to fit into her grandmother’s old wedding dress, she receives a surprise visit from her mother, who’s been dead since Taína was a newborn. Zoemaris, a rebellious first generation Puerto Rican, compels Taína to forgive her for missing […]

Nowhere Yet

Nowhere Yet T.T is a black Scottish teenager who practices breakdance with his crew in an underprivileged area of Edinburgh periphery. When a local gang threaten to take over their territory, T.T. starts to clash with his best friend, Stephanie, who has started dealing drugs for the gang in order to save the crew.

A Boy’s Life

A Boy’s Life In a poor area, Luke, a clever and dreamy boy is collecting objects in a wasteland when a hobo offers him magic goggles. Thanks to this gift, now Luke can see the world as he wants it to be and complete his plan to save it. However, Luke’s plan is in jeopardy […]

Over The Hill

Over The Hill Producer: Elena Lerones Writer: Hanna Lappalainen  

Date Night

Date Night A Neo Noir Murder Mystery about a woman with a past that will not let her go and a detective that is about to find out why.  


AVA Ava leaves home, looking for her brother who has disappeared. Following the sounds of drums coming from the forest, who will Ava really find? Producer: Margarita Veberaite Writer: Max Barth


Anna A woman is beckoned to break from the shackles of an abusive marriage through a transcendent connection with the natural world.

One Night

One Night After a one night stand, two people realize they are looking for different things.


Schizo John, a schoolboy suffering from schizophrenia, is given the blame for a terrible act of violence that occurs during lunch break at his school. The school’s headmaster interviews those involved in the incident in an effort to ascertain the truth of the matter. Whilst John’s classmates appear to be adamant that he is the […]