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Virtually Happening

Virtually Happening Old friends CARL MASNER and RICK MAXWELL prepare to deploy a virus that’ll eliminate consumer debt. A last minute alteration reveals deeper motives, hidden resentments and the complex nature of friendship.


When an old friend returns to the neighbour, a trouble young woman must confront her youth and the troubled truth of a stolen life..


Elsie Elsie is a 19th century country girl who is about to get married. As she spends her last moments in her childhood home, fear and indecision come over her.


Candeline Candeline Director: Asiyat Gamzatova Producer: Reece Cargan

The Gurney

The story of execution warden, Albert Gilmore, and the death row inmate Aleisha Edwards, a young black woman convicted of the murder of the officer who fatally shot her husband.  


Coombs An intimate portrait that captures Tom and Gertrude’s last day together in the dark stillness of the Scottish Highlands. After more than 60 years of marriage the couple have developed a unique sense of routine pleasure. We navigate their changing circumstances with vérité intimacy, sharing the experience of time, empathy and rhythms of existence. […]