Programmes & Courses

Event Horizon

Director/Writer Josefa Celestin
Producer Margarita Veberaite

Summer 1997, in a small village in Scotland where nothing ever happens and the days all resemble themselves, as strange cosmic event comes to disrupt Julianne’s boring everyday life.

Date Night

Director Salome Hevin
Producer Margarita Veberaite
Writer Max Barth

Ava leaves home, looking for her brother who has disappeared. Following the sounds of drums coming from the forest, who will Ava really find?

A Boys Life

In a poor area, Luke, a clever and dreamy boy is collecting objects in a wasteland when a hobo offers him magic goggles. Thanks to this gift, now Luke can see the world as he wants it to be and complete his plan to save it. However, Luke’s plan is in jeopardy when a social worker tries to take him away from home.

Women in Vaivén

Spanish, English
Director Ceclia Perez-Homar
Producer Elena Lerones
Writer Paloma Arroyo

On the morning of her wedding in Puerto Rico, Zoe Taína struggles to fit into her grandmother’s old wedding dress, when suddenly her dead mother shows up to wish her luck.

Two Soldiers

Set in August 1944, as the Allies strive to liberate France. James Mckinley, a 19 year old British soldier is the last of his battalion to survive the fierce fighting that surrounds the town of Falaise, Normandy. Injured and without ammo, Mckinley gets lost within dense forest as he escapes the battle. When a lone German soldier appears and tries to help him, Mckinley must decide whether he can trust a man who should be his enemy. A film about young men thrust into the carnage and chaos of war, and brotherhood across the greatest of divides.