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Candeline Candeline Director: Asiyat Gamzatova Producer: Reece Cargan

The Gurney

The story of execution warden, Albert Gilmore, and the death row inmate Aleisha Edwards, a young black woman convicted of the murder of the officer who fatally shot her husband.  


Elsie (Trailer) 2017 Elsie is a 19th century country girl who is about to get married. As she spends her last moments in her childhood home, fear and indecision come over her.


Coombs An intimate portrait that captures Tom and Gertrude’s last day together in the dark stillness of the Scottish Highlands. After more than 60 years of marriage the couple have developed a unique sense of routine pleasure. We navigate their changing circumstances with vérité intimacy, sharing the experience of time, empathy and rhythms of existence. […]


Scavengers (Trailer) 2016 Madeleine and Anna are scavengers, people who live by stealing from the dead. A chance encounter with the injured Johan presents them with an opportunity to change their lives, but to do so they must keep Johan alive and away from the very dangerous people chasing him. Tensions flare as the trio […]

Història d’un Objecte

Història d’un Objecte Història d’un Objecte is the story of an object, a story about subjectivity and introspection of people. The short film portrays the conflict between two friends after the disappearance of an object and their pursuit in order to find it.

Nowhere Yet

Nowhere Yet T.T is a black Scottish teenager who practices breakdance with his crew in an underprivileged area of Edinburgh periphery. When a local gang threaten to take over their territory, T.T. starts to clash with his best friend, Stephanie, who has started dealing drugs for the gang in order to save the crew.

A Boy’s Life

A Boy’s Life In a poor area, Luke, a clever and dreamy boy is collecting objects in a wasteland when a hobo offers him magic goggles. Thanks to this gift, now Luke can see the world as he wants it to be and complete his plan to save it. However, Luke’s plan is in jeopardy […]

1000 Months

1000 Months What happens when you remove yourself from the monotonous routine of conventional living? This short-film follows a day in the lives of two young musicians, Phil and Baxter, as they attempt to live off the fat of the land and abandon the tediousness of their nine-to-five office jobs. The two use every method […]