Facilites at Screen Academy Scotland


What resources are there at Screen Academy Scotland?

Screen Academy Scotland,  is one of Scotland’s leading screen practice educators. We have a broad range of facilities available to students.
Screen Academy Scotland Production Centre
Edinburgh Napier University
2A Merchiston Avenue, Edinburgh EH10 4NU
As well as housing the Screen Academy Project Office and Technical stores, the Production Centre based in Merchiston Avenue provides full Production and Post-Production facilities and accommodates the busy schedules of both our post-graduate and undergraduate students.
A range of short courses, public screenings and Continuing Professional Development workshops and events also take place at the Production Centre making it a busy hub catering for industry professionals and the film going public as well as student filmmakers across the institution.

Post Production Facilities at Edinburgh Napier University

• 2x Projection/Screening Rooms which can cater for 60 and 40 people respectively. These spaces are also used for workshops and are full fitted out with facilities for the projection of 4K Blu-ray, DVD, Mini DV, VHS, and streaming from the internet through PC. There are also links in both studios to the Machine Room with an HD converter Box for HD projection.
• Avid Teaching Studio with 7 Avid Media Composer suites
In this room there is also viewing facilities for HDCAM, DigiBeta, Beta SP, HDV, Mini DV, DVD from the Machine Room. 
• 5 x individual Avid Media Composer suites, in self-contained rooms.
• Avid Edit Room with 5 Avid Media Composer suites 
• An Avid Online Media Composer with Symphony grading option and Avid Artist DNxIO interface.  A 24TB RAID drive and 4k monitor. 
• A DaVinci Resolve Online with Resolve Mini Panel and UltraStudio 4K Extreme interface. A 24TB RAID drive and 4K monitor.

• At the heart of our facility we have a 180TB Avid Nexis Media Server with Interplay and MediaCentral UX functionality.

Regarding the teaching Studios:
Studio 1 has HD projection and 5.1 audio and Studio 2 has up to 4K projection and 7.1 audio. Both can be linked to the Machine Room and the Online suites to playback HD to Studio 1 and HD, or 4K to Studio 2. 

Audio Post-Production Facilities

Dubbing Suite
Used for the final sound mix, this suite is equipped with the latest Pro Tools Ultimate software, Avid HD I/O Interface, Avid Sync HD, Avid ProTools | S3 and Avid ProTools | Dock control surfaces, Genelec 5.1 surround speakers, CB Electronics A-Mon studio monitor system, Focusrite ISA pre-amplifiers and a wide array of plug-ins.

Foley Booth
Similarly, comprising of an AKG C414B microphone (although other microphones are available upon request), headphone amplifier and monitor, this fully soundproofed room allows the recording of any effects (e.g. footsteps, clothing or other spot effects) that need to be added to a film’s soundtrack.

Voiceover Booth
Comprising of a Neumann TLM103 microphone (although other microphones are available upon request), headphone amplifier and monitor, this fully soundproofed room allows the recording of voiceover, ADR or narration to picture.

4 x individual Pro Tools suites
Used for sound editing, these suites are equipped with the latest Pro Tools Ultimate software, Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 Interface, Avid Artist-Mix controller, Genelec 8030 speakers and access to a range of plug-ins.

Sound Effects Library
For the sourcing of sound effects difficult to recreate, or for a quicker workflow, we have a comprehensive, centralised sound library offering a wide variety of sound effects and atmospheres that can be added to any Pro Tools session.

Up to date camera equipment and lighting available from digital SLR cameras to 16mm:

  • Arri Alexa – Film industry standard camera, capable of delivering up to 4K images producing a film-like organic look.  Shoot RAW or Prores onto SSD or SxS cards.  With an optional set of six Zeiss Ultra Prime lenses.
  • Blackmagic URSA Mini cameras – Capable of shooting up to 4.6K RAW, all with their own selection of Sigma prime lenses.
  • Blackmagic Cinema Cameras –  A simple strong design that can shoot high quality images in RAW or Prores format, available with a selection of lenses and adaptors to fit a variety of different lenses.
  • Arri Super 16mm – We have a super16mm Arri SR2 camera ready to produce films the classic way.
  • Sony PMW-EX3/PMW-300 – The perfect cameras for intermediary or documentary filmmakers, with the full features of a broadcast standard camera.
  • Canon XF105 – The camera of choice for the beginner filmmaker shooting at a bitrate of 50mbps with a 4:2:2 Full HD codec.
  • Lighting – We have an extensive range of Kino flos, Powerful HMI Fresnel lamps (1.2k & 2.5k), Aladdin Bi-Flex LEDs, Various Fresnels lamps (300w, 650w, 1k, 2k) and a selection of on-board LED lights.
  • The Cinetech Super Falcon II – A professional pee wee style dolly, for studio or track use.
  • We also have a wide selection of HD monitors ready for use ranging from 7″-17″.