Maren Victoria Thingnæs

Since graduating in 2017 Victoria has worked as an editor on one of Norway’s biggest reality TV shows called Farmen.  From there she moved to a smaller production company G Stories working as a writer and director, mostly on web content. Now she is working on her first feature doc, produced by the Norwegian company Medieoperatørene.

The Kongshaug effect is a unique documentary film about one of the world’s best sound engineers, Jan Erik Kongshaug. The man who has over 4,000 recordings on his track record and who has worked for all the biggest jazz musicians in the world.

“My experience at Screen Academy Scotland/ECA was beyond all my expectations. I was encouraged to focus on finding my  own voice as a filmmaker and really dig deep into my project making a short documentary. My tutors always pushed me in the right direction and made me work harder than I had ever done before.  I not only developed myself as a filmmaker, but also as a person. After graduating from Screen Academy ECA, I am still eager to learn, to discover new forms of filmmaking and to see the world from a wider perspective.”
Instagram: marevicco
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telephone: (+47 46 82 13 91)