Rosanne Wilke

After attaining an English degree in her hometown Utrecht in the Netherlands, Rosanne applied to the MA Film, Post Production at Screen Academy Scotland, Edinburgh Napier, having dreamt of a career as a film editor for years. Shortly after graduating in 2017, she started working as a Post-Production Assistant on Outlander’s Season 4 and moved to Tenerife to be a First Assistant Editor on animation show Talking Tom and Friends. Rosanne has since returned to the UK, where she worked on Channel 4’s upcoming political drama Chimerica and has recently started working on BBC’s new crime series Giri/Haji.
Rosanne says:
When you’re offered an opportunity to broaden your horizon, my advice is to listen to your gut. When I was offered a First Assistant editor job all the way on Tenerife, my gut told me to “just do it”. And I am so happy I did, because I learned so much about my job, communication between departments and myself on that island.
It was on Chimerica, however, when I felt like everything truly fell into place. I had the privilege to work with very experienced and hard-working people and felt very fortunate to be able to push myself to a higher level professionally. I believe none of this would have been possible had I not been trained and prepped for the industry at Screen Academy Scotland. The MA Film is a great way to get hands-on experience and meet people that you will want to collaborate with for years to come.”