Programmes & Courses

This year’s Berlinale saw ENGAGE run its final Production and Distribution seminar for alumni from across the seven year programme who were in attendance at the festival.  Ten former participants attended the seminar on Monday afternoon and benefited from the expertise of the industry speakers.  Sales Agent and Film Executive Pierre Menahem from France; and Producer Helge Albers from Germany revealed some of their experiences, hints and tips and common pitfalls relating to marketing, selling and distributing a feature film.  Their insight on topics ranging from the importance of establishing your network, to researching the market, to how best and when to approach a Sales Agent was invaluable; and the informal round table discussion maximised the opportunity for participants to ask questions pertinent to their own projects. 

The session was a great way to end a fantastic seven years; and the ENGAGE programme was given an appropriate send off at the joint drinks event with Edinburgh International Film Festival later that evening.  Participants were once again able to network with speakers, meet their peers and industry professionals, and gain a further foothold on the path to success!  After seven successful years ENGAGE is bowing out in its current MEDIA supported form but hopes to return in a new incarnation supported by the EU ERASMUS Programme in the future.