Congratulations to our MA Film, MA Screenwriting and MFA Advanced Film Practice graduates on their graduation and screening last week! 

This year’s graduation projects were Jonah, One Goes Astray, The Devil in Her Eyes, and The Snail. 

The Snail

Troubled Kyle is sleeping on his sister’s couch. Can he prove he is ready to face the challenges of getting his life back on track, or will his past continue to haunt him?

Director: Robbie Gaynor

Producer: Marc Stewart

Cinematographer: Whitman Stanfield-Myers

Editor: Cillian McCraith

Sound Designer: Olivia Sheed

The Devil in Her Eyes

Notorious witch pricker John Dickson accepts a contract to apprehend the feared witch Isobel Gowdie, but is forced to confront his own terrible deeds along the way.

Director: Isabell Baughman

Producer: Matthias Pachner

Cinematographer: Paul Morgan

Editor: D. Edmond Raillard

Sound Designer: Olivia Sheed


Jonah believes everything happens for a reason. He decides to test his faith and soon realises he is the one being tested.

Director: Sebastiano Spadon

Producer: Shruthika R. Simon

Cinematographer: Jalaj Kishore

Editor: Vignesh Balasubramaniam

Sound Designer: Logan Eason

One Goes Astray

1870s, the American West. Vigilante Rose chases outlaw Charlie Digger to his hideout. But what seems like an easy job quickly turns into a confrontation with her sombre past.

Director: Marie de Roüalle

Producer: Matthias Pachner

Cinematographer: Elias Nygård

Editor: Ash Solomon Mills

Sound Designer: Logan Eason