Fantastic news that MFA Film graduate AJ Sykes’ graduation Perfect Worlds is up for a number of nominations at the Berlin International Filmmakers Festival of World Cinema including: Best supporting Actress in a short,  Best Sound Design,  Best Cinematography in a short,  Best Original Screenplay for a short and New Talented Filmmaker.  

The festival runs from the 30th of September to the 7th of October and the award ceremony is on the night of the 7th. Perfect Worlds was also nominated for best Science Fiction Short at the MCN International Film Festival in Detroit, Screened at the Roswell Science Fiction Festival and was nominated for Best Short at the Move Me Film Festival in Belgium. It is also a semi finalist at the Hot Springs Film Festival in America.

AJ says:
“I made Perfect Worlds the time it needed to be and at 35 minutes, where every minute is precious in short film festivals,  I have been amazed at Perfect Worlds getting selected at all but to have so many nominations in such a short period of time is truly fantastic. I am really proud of all the hard worked that everyone put in on the film and what we have achieved  in bringing it to life and I’m looking forward to getting the feature off the ground next’