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Reece Cargan

Reece Cargan Originally from the Lake District, Reece settled in Scotland in the early 2000s where he worked in the digital creative sector on a

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Chris Weir

Before joining the MA Screenwriting course in 2016, Chris wrote, produced and acted in various shorts films, while also doing background work on film and

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Pearce Cullen

Pearce Cullen Before arriving in Edinburgh in 2015 to undertake the MA Screenwriting programme at Screen Academy, Pearce worked at the BBC and in film/TV

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Heather Ross

Heather Ross Scottish-Canadian writer Heather was working as a freelance writer and comedian in Vancouver when she was accepted into Screen Academy Scotland for the

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Jaime Sotelo

Jaime Sotelo Before coming to Scotland to study at Edinburgh Napier University, Jaime studied a BA in Communications and Audiovisual Arts at Universidad Salamanca, Spain.

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Simon Price

Simon Price Simon came to do the MA Film at Screen Academy Scotland having previously studied BA Film & Photography at Edinburgh Napier University. Having

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Robin Haig

Robin Haig Robin’s MFA Advanced Film Practice graduation film Hula won several awards including the BAFTA Scotland New Talent Award for Drama and the Celtic

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Lauri Lippmaa

Lauri Lippmaa Before coming to the United Kingdom to study at Screen Academy Scotland, Lauri had worked in his native Estonia’s film and TV industry

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Margarita Veberaite

Margarita Verberaite Margarita Verberaite has worked in the screen sector since 2009 starting her career in her native Lithuania as a Production Coordinator and later

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Joséfa Celestin

Joséfa Celestin Joséfa was born and raised in France where she studied graphic design and filmmaking. She worked as a freelance corporate filmmaker for 2

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Razan Madhoon

Razan Madhoon Razan Madhoon is originally from Gaza, Palestine. She holds a BA in Journalism and worked in Palestine as a TV reporter and also

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Fraser Stephen

Fraser Stephen Prior to enrolling on the MA Film course at Screen Academy Scotland/Edinburgh Napier, Fraser worked as a Commercial Photographer for clients such as

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Rosanne Wilke

Rosanne Wilke After attaining an English degree in her hometown Utrecht in the Netherlands, Rosanne applied to the MA Film, Post Production at Screen Academy

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Juliana Milheiro Cruz

Juliana Milheiro Cruz I chose to study the MA Screenwriting at Screen Academy Scotland because it is recognised by Creative Skillset as a UK centre

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Kelly Holmes

Kelly Holmes Kelly Holmes graduated with an MFA Advanced Film Practice in 2016. She is a director/writer who has had her shorts purchased and broadcast

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Maren Victoria Thingnæs

Maren Victoria Thingnæs Since graduating in 2017 Victoria has worked as an editor on one of Norway’s biggest reality TV shows called Farmen.  From there

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Anne Milne

Anne Milne Anne graduated from the MFA Film Directing Course at Edinburgh College of Art in 2010 and has been directing films since then. In

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Darrel Kirk-Lambert

Darrel Kirk-Lambert While a student at Screen Academy Scotland Darrel had work experience on Outlander at their Cumbernauld studios. He also worked as a runner

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Irune Gurtubai

Irune Gurtubai After graduating from the MFA Advanced Film Practice at Screen Academy, Irune produced feature film Pikadero which went on to screen at over 40

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Ben Sharrock

Ben Sharrock Ben’s debut feature film Pikadero premiered at San Sebastian International Film Festival in 2015. Pikadero went on to screen at over 40 international

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Mihail Ursu

Mihail Ursu Since graduating from the MA Film, Camera in 2013 Mihail Ursu has worked as a camera assistant on stop motion animation Ooglies for

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Sean Hind

Sean Hind Since graduating Sean Hind (MA Film, Production 2016) has been working as a Floor Runner and is starting work on season 5 of Outlander in April 2019.

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Iguacel Cuiral

Iguacel Cuiral Igua Cuiral worked on several shorts upon completion of her degree. She then secured a place on the Screen NETS Extra course aimed

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Kiana Kalantar-Hormozi

Kiana Kalantar-Hormozi After graduating, Kiana started an internship with media co-op to make a short hip-hop protest film about the Care Tax, Tax on Me.

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Alejandra Meneses Audeves

Alejandra Meneses Audeves Since graduating from the MA Screenwriting programme at Screen Academy Scotland, Edinburgh Napier, I have come back home to Mexico to regroup.

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Paulina Gonzalez

Paulina Gonzalez Paulina came to Scotland from Mexico to do the MA Screenwriting at Screen Academy Scotland in 2014.  Paulina was already working as a

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Colleen Laeger

Colleen Laeger Colleen came to Scotland in 2015 from the USA to do an MA in Screenwriting at Screen Academy Scotland. She is currently based

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Anna Kumacheva

Anna Kumacheva Anna Kumacheva came to Scotland from Russia in 2015 to study the MA Screenwriting at Screen Academy. She is currently based in England, doing

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Gudni Lindal Benediktsson

Gudni Lindal Benediktsson Already established as a short film-maker of some reputation in Iceland, Gudni came to SAS to move up a level and develop

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Blog Stories


Illumenation 2015 – Helsinki

A mix of undergraduate, postgraduate and recent alumni Screen Academy students from ENU and ECA, together with lecturers Nigel R. Smith and Catriona MacInnes, recently

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Writing for Holby City

Screen Academy Scotland MA Screenwriting graduate Chris Lindsay on his experience writing an episode for Holby City. Holby City is a 1 hour a continuing drama

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RobinHaig-Dear Dad

Filmmaking & Crofting

MA Film student Robin Haig writes about her six years in Amsterdam and her dream of combining filmmaking and crofting back home in Scotland.  I

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Update from the Sahara!

Irune Gurtubai and Ben Sharrock are currently studying on the MFA Advanced Film Practice course at Screen Academy Scotland, Edinburgh Napier. Irune writes from Spain

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Amazing ENGAGE

Katri Vanhatalo graduate of Screen Academy Scotland, Edinburgh Napier BA Photography & Film writes about attending her first ENGAGE workshop which took place Mar 30th

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